Mags for Magnetic proximity sensors

Combination of Mag and Magnetic proximity sensors

In case of combination of Magnetic proximity sensor and “Mag”, the sensing area is globular shape as indicated in the figure. Through this shape, magnetic proximity sensors have stable position sensing ability against any directional approaching. The extent of sensing area is fixed by choice of Mag(that is magnetic intensity)and Magnet proximity sensor(that is magnetic sensitivity).
Model “AG0304” and “AG05015” are bare rare-earth magnets. They are suitable for mounting on a compact-sized unit with less installation space.

Sensing Area

Our Lineup of Mags

Magnet property is measured under condition that the sensing face keeps being parallel to x-axis.

ModelDiagramsMagnetic property
AG001KAG001K ag001k zu 22 ag001k pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG001KHAG001KH ag001kh zu 22
AG002KAG002K ag002k zu 22 ag002k pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG002KHAG002KH ag002kh zu 22
AG003KAG003K ag003k zu 22 ag003k pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG003KHAG003KH ag003kh zu 22
AG004KAG004K ag004k zu 22 ag004k pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG004KHAG004KH ag004kh zu 22
AG0304AG0304 ag0304 zu 22 ag0304 05015 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG5015AG05015 ag05015 zu 22
AG009KAG009K ag009k zu 22 ag009k pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
ADG02ADG02 adh02 en zu adg02 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
ADG02XADG02X adh02x en zu
AG0010SAG0010S ag0010s zu 22 ag0010 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG0010LAG0010L ag0010l zu 22

Note: Due to the strong magnetism, please keep any products susceptible to magnetism such as a watch,IC card,mobile away from Magnet.