Linear Sensor


・Linear voltage output against magnetic force.
・Linear voltage output against moving magnetic force.

・Detection and monitoring of magnetic vibrations.(0-100kHZ)

・Can be used in low or high temperatures.


linear example

*The sensor outputs voltage that is proportional to the changes of the magnetic flux denstiy.

*The output voltage saturates at about 40mT or more on both N-side and S-side.


Test data

Test data-1

・If the magnets are moved to the left or right under a certain gap, the linear output voltage can be obtained.

・The linear sensitivity can be modified by changing the gap size.

・A larger gap can be obtained against the same linear sensitivity with strong magnets.

linear test.1

Test data-2

・View the quadratic curve output voltage by changing the gap between the sensor and magnet.

・The gap size can be changed depending on the strength of the magnet.

・A 3.5 ~ 8.5 gap range is practical when using this magnet.

linear test.2

Application examples


(1)The monitoring magnet of the pipes and sensors that have concerns about abnormal vibrations under temperatures exceeding 200℃ muset be kept nuder 85℃ using an alnico 8 magnet and insulation cover or air purge, respectively.



(2)Analysis sensor for vehicle-related ride comfort and shock absorbers.

(3)Deformation long-term analysis during and after construction.

linear fig

Common specifications

power supply voltage DC 5V
Magnetic sensitivity 65mV/mT:Central value
Output voltage 0.3→4.7V(-40→+40mT):Central value
Central voltage


Output current ±1.2mA Max
Consumption current 12mA
Response speed 5μsec(100kHz)

Magnetic sensitivity

temperature coefficient

0±0.04% / ℃

Central voltage

temperature coefficient

0±0.5mV / ℃
Ambient operating temperature

-20 ~ +85℃ (Without condensation)

Ambient operating humidity

20 ~ 95%RH


・The circuit diagram must be observed to ensure a correct connection.

 A reverse connection and a short-circuiting output are strictly prohibited.
・When connecting an inductive load such as relay, be sure to use

 a freewheeling diode.

・When installing a switch, use the torque value designated for each switch.

・When handling / using the product, do not apply an excessive tension to

 the cable connection part.






aql04 zu 22


Direction to detect AQL04:Upward
Cable specifications Core wire φ0.9×3, 0.3m
Case materials GF reinforced PBT : Orange
 Mounting M2 tightening torque 0.15N・m

Protective structure

Curcuit diagram CNC-9





aql010x zu 22

Direction to detect Forward
Cable specifications φ2.8 3wire, Gray 1m
Case material SUS303
 Mounting Fix with M3 set screw under 0.2N・m
Protective structure IP65
Curcuit diagram CNC-9