Flat switch



stf15 hinban 22

stf15 zu 22

Strock 3mm
Operating force 0.4N

Movement until

the operation[PT]

Hysteresis movement[MD] 0.1mm or less
Repeat accuracy ±0.002mm
Cable specifications STF15 / STF15-LED:φ2.8 3wire, Gray 1m
STF15(B) / STF15(B)-LED:φ2.8 3wire, Black 1m
Case material Zinc die casting
Shaft material SUS303
Indicator light STF15/STF15(B) : Without indicator light


Approximately 100mm from the main unit

Protective structure IP65
Curcuit diagram Without LED : CNC-3
With LED : CNC-18

・Do not apply a force of 15N or more to the contact part.
・By using cable options, conversion of output specifications,
current amplification, and cable extension are possible.