Magbase for high accuracy positioning

Combination of Magnetic proximity sensor and Magbase

As shown in the figure, “Magbase” is an array of 3 magnets disposed on an iron plate with each polarity alternated(patented).
By using “Magbase” instead of “Mag”, the effect of gap change on the sensing area can be minimized. As the arrayed magnets make the magnetic gradient neighboring the boundary of the sensing area dense, “Magbase” is capable of an extraordinary precise repeatability of the operating point compared to “Mag”.

magbase en combination


■Magnetic Property

The distribution of the magnetic force of “Magbase” was measured under the conditions described. The figures are not guaranteed values but average values.

magbase en property

Our Lineup of Magbase

ModelDimemsions (mm)Magnetic property
AG001AG001 ag001 zu 22 ag001 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG001HAG001H ag001h zu 22
AG002AG002 ag002 zu 22 ag002 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG002HAG002H ag002h zu 22
AG003AG003 ag003 zu 22 ag003 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG003HAG003H ag003h zu 22
AG004AG004 ag004 zu 22 ag004 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE
AG004HAG004H ag004h zu 22


AG011-K(Powerful type)


ag011 zu 22 ag011 pro 22CLICK TO ENLARGE

Note: Due to the strong magnetism, please keep any products susceptible to magnetism such as a watch,IC card,mobile away from Magnet.