HOMEMagnetic proximity switches

Magnetic proximity switches

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The Magnetic proximity switches employing Hall Effect IC, in combination use with a Mag / Magbase, are activated / deactivated in response to the intensity of magnetic field that vertically approaches the sensing face. The series with reduced size and increased sensitivity compared to conventional ones offer stable and highly precise operation.

Mags for Magnetic
proximity switch
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Mag is a magnet unit including a bracket for easier mounting, and used in combination with a magnetic proximity switch. Our Mags are suitable for general purpose detections of object position / motion.

Magbases for Magnetic
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Magbase, consisting of a plurality of magnets disposed on a plate, serves for highly accurate position detection in combination use with a magnetic proximity switch. The unique magnetic circuit allows a Magbase to help provide a micrometric accuracy in position detection.

Door sensorsView Products

This combination of a switch and magnets, designed to facilitate installation on a door / cover, performs steady and highly precise detection of door opening / closing.

Air cylinder switchesView Products

The Air cylinder switches, employing the mechanism of the magnetic proximity switch, have higher sensitivity compared to conventional ones, and can perform a steady detection of a small stroke difference.

Optional cables

By installing along the pathway of switch cables, the optional cables add extra functions such as current amplification, output configuration change and indicator.

Optional connectors

Connector options are offered for cable extension

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