Limit switch



hs1 hinban 22

hs1 zu 22

HS1 en example

Strock 3.3mm
Operating force 1.2N

Movement until

the operation[PT]

Hysteresis movement[MD] 0.5mm
Operating position[OP] 18±0.2mm
Repeat accuracy 0.02mm
Cable specifications φ2.8 3wire, Gray 1m
Case material Aluminum alloy / Black alumite treatment

Material of chevron

shaped lever

SUS304 nitriding treatment(Hmv1300)
Material of flexural plate Polymide resin plate
Material of corrugated seal Polimide resin plate
Material of cable seal Nitrile rubber
Material of cable protector SUS304
Indicator light HS1/HS1-G : Without indicator light

HS1P/HS1P-G : Red

Protective structure IP67
Curcuit diagram Without LED : CNC-3
With LED : CNC-7