Electromagnetic brake


・Two different sizes for outer diameter; ø24、ø28 and ø33.
・Long operational life achieved by abrasion resistant friction plate.
・Easy installation, no adjustment required.
・Micro-sized unit with great braking torque.
・Increased torque with a special power supply unit.



・For prevention of displacement in servo positioning.
・For prevention of natural fall of a nut of vertical ball screw.

・Maintaining the position of the robot (when not energized).

Operating mechanism

Brake actuated
(when the coil is de-energized.)

Brake actuated

When the coil is not energized, the movable plate, pushed by the spring, presses the friction plate against the fixed plate. This friction force puts a brake on the rotor hub and the rotary shaft.

Brake in release position
(when the coil is energized)

Brake in release position

When the coil is energized, the magnetic force overcomes the spring force and pulls the movable plate to the coil side, letting the friction plate rotate.

Mechanism of Parugen; a dedicated power supply unit

After a coil as electromagnet pulls in a movable plate and releases the brake, the necessary electric power becomes less during the hold status compared to the time to start releasing. Parugen is a dedicated driving power supply that transmits huge electric power temporarily upon brake release, and reduces the power transmission during a hold state.

* A brake of Parugen spec. has stronger springs and a lower impedance coil for greater operation torque. Therefore, without using Palgen, it will overheat when just rated voltage is applied.

Mechanism of Palgen

Outside dimension of Parugen

Outside dimension of Palgen

Connection diagram of Parugen

Connection diagram of Palgen


DimensionsProduct ID
MB24 8 3.2 24+0-0.1 5.5 M2 M1.6
Thread depth 5
14.2 22 60° 3/4/5
MB2S 8.7 3.5 28+0-0.1 6.5 M2.5 M2
Thread depth 5
15.6 25 60° 4/5/6
MB2 12.7 4.8 28+0-0.1 5.8 M2 M2.6
Thread depth 5
20.2 24.8 60° 3/4/5
MB3 16.7 6.0 33+0-0.1 9 M3 M3
Thread depth 6
27 29 110° 6/8


TypeNon-Parugen spec.Parugen spec.Non-Parugen spec.Parugen spec.Non-Parugen spec.Parugen spec.Parugen spec.
MB3( )A24MB3( )P24MB2( )A24MB2( )P24MB2S( )A24MB2S( )P24MB24( )P24
Rated voltage DC24V
Max. current 0.1A 0.3A 0.07A 0.32A



0.24A 0.35A
Max. instantaneous power - 7.2W max. (instantaneous) - 7.7W max. (instantaneous) - 5.6W max. (instantaneous) 8.5W max. (instantaneous)
Power consumption 2.4W max. 1W max. 1.6W max. 1W max. 1.6W max. 1W max.
Static friction torque 20N⋅cm 36N⋅cm 16N⋅cm 25N⋅cm 12N⋅cm 18N⋅cm 10N⋅cm
Armature pull in time 40msec max.
Armature release time 10msec max.
Pull in voltage 20V or less
Release voltage 3V or more 10V or more 3V or more 10V or more 3V or more 10V or more
Moment of inertia 3.2g・cm2 1.7g・cm2 1.2g・cm2 0.9g・cm2
Insulation resistance 10MΩ or more with DC500V megger
Withstand voltage 1 min at AC1000V
Insulation classification F type
Weight 110g 65g 40g 26g
Rotor hub bore diameter ø6,ø8(H7) ø3,ø4,ø5(H7) ø4,ø5,ø6(H7)   ø3,ø4,ø5(H7) 


・Please take care to prevent water or oil from adhering to the friction surface.
・Please apply preventive measures against loosening to unit set screw.
・When installing the unit, make sure to place the rotor hub kept from being in contact with the movable plate.